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Billie Piper Shares her Experiences of Co-Parenting with Laurence Fox: ‘It’s Incredibly Challenging’

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Piper has stayed quiet about her romance with Fox after their 2016 breakup after nine years. In an interview with British Vogue, the former Doctor Who actress revealed that co-parenting her two children, aged 11 and 15, with Fox during his issues is “extremely difficult.”

I keep them close. I can only do that. Privacy and anonymity for my children are my top priorities. They deserve to be themselves and not be extensions of their parents, she remarked. I had to choose, and a divorce speaks for itself. At least it should.

Vogue released the interview online on 15 March, days after a High Court judge determined Fox had committed social media libel in January 2024.

In court transcripts viewed by PinkNews, Fox stated he didn’t mind the rainbow flag but did mind Pride banners with black, brown, pink, and blue stripes to honour gay people of colour and transgender people.

He said that he objects to the Pride flag’s black chevron, which symbolises Black Lives Matter. The Black Lives Matter Ponzi scam profits.

The brown chevron below it is for all brown people, Mongolia to Manitoba. Simply said, “Anyone brown, you’re covered.” The baby blue and baby pink are transgenderism’s insignia, and I believe transgenderism, particularly when forced on youngsters, is wicked, thus I don’t think this Pride banner is progressive.

The former actor posted a video of himself lighting Progress Pride flag bunting on his garden fence on Father’s Day 2023 (Sunday 18 June).

The most holy month of child mutilation, Fox claimed. This is my opinion on your filthy child sacrifice banner. He then lit each flag with a lighter and said “goodbye” as it burned.

Fox subsequently claims being called racist damaged his career and finances. He called it “a career-ending word, and a reputation-destroying allegation” that precluded him from getting a mortgage and acting as a representative.

He called the charge “baseless” in a statement. Fox has been embroiled in several scandals. His “misogynistic” statements regarding a female journalist on broadcast got him suspended from GB News.

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