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Top 10 Essential NAICS Codes for Handmade Craft Businesses Everyone Should Know

From Handmade to Market Ready: Mastering NAICS Codes for Crafters

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NAISC Code For Handmade Crafts

In the colourful world of artisanal creativity, where imagination knows no bounds, understanding the right path to navigate the intricacies of business can be as challenging as crafting a masterpiece. This is where the magic of NAICS codes for Handmade Craft businesses comes into play. These codes aren’t mere numbers; they’re the keys to unlocking a treasure trove of benefits, from tax clarity to market insights. So, if you’re a passionate creator looking to make your mark in the world of handmade crafts, fasten your seatbelts as we embark on a journey to discover the five essential NAICS Code for Handmade Crafts businesses.

If you’re running a handmade craft business, you might have wondered how to categorize your business for tax purposes or market research. That’s where NAICS codes come in. The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) assigns codes to businesses based on their primary activities. These codes help government agencies, researchers, and entrepreneurs understand the industry landscape.

Let’s quickly define NAICS codes before discussing handmade craft enterprise NAICS codes.

What is the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS)?

NAICS is a system used to classify and identify different industries in North America. It provides a standardized way of categorizing businesses based on their economic activities. Each industry is assigned a unique six-digit code that helps government agencies, businesses, and researchers collect and analyze data. Governments, businesses, and analysts use the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) to classify and categorize businesses according to their economic activity. The US government uses This classification system for statistical purposes, with over 1,000 different industry categories that can be broken down into even more granular divisions.

Why Do NAICS Codes (Matter) for Handmade Crafts Businesses?

NAICS codes are valuable for handmade craft businesses for several reasons:

  1. Tax Classification: Many government agencies use NAICS codes to determine tax obligations and incentives for businesses. Using the correct NAICS code ensures that you’re taxed appropriately.

  2. Market Research: Researchers and industry analysts rely on NAICS codes to gather data about specific sectors. Having the right code attached to your business makes it easier for potential customers, partners, and investors to find you.

  3. Access to Resources: Some grants, loans, and programs are industry-specific. Knowing your NAICS code can help you access these resources tailored to your business.

What Do I Need to Know About NAICS Codes?

Using the appropriate NAICS number when filing paperwork for your company is crucial. This facilitates accurate government monitoring and categorization of commercial enterprises. To prove your company’s eligibility for some grants and financing programs, you may need to furnish its NAICS code.

Keep in mind that the eligibility of your firm for a certain programme may depend on factors like the code’s associated income threshold or geographic region.

If you need help determining the NAICS code that best fits your company, you should talk to an expert. Knowing the appropriate NAICS code for your handmade craft company can help you maximize available opportunities. You can build a successful company around your one-of-a-kind trade with hard work, dedication, and the correct resources.

What is the NAICS Code for Handmade Crafts?

The NAICS code that applies specifically to handmade crafts businesses depends on the type of craft being sold. The 10 main categories are listed below:

1. Toys and Hobby Goods Manufacturing (NAICS Code 3352)

This NAICS Code 3352 category applies to businesses selling handmade toys, such as stuffed animals, dolls, and action figures. It also covers hobby-related goods, like model aeroplanes and boats.

2. Arts and Crafts Supplies Manufacturing (NAICS Code 3279)

NAICS Code 3279 applies to businesses that create and sell handmade art and crafts supplies, such as paints, brushes, clay, pottery tools, and jewellery.

3. Jewelry and Silverware Manufacturing (NAICS Code 3261)

This NAICS Code 3261 applies to businesses that craft handmade jewellery and silverware from raw materials, such as gold, silver, or gemstones.

4. Textile Bag and Canvas Product Mills (NAICS Code 3149)

This NAICS Code 3149 applies to businesses that make and sell bags, purses, and other textile items from raw materials such as canvas, leather, or cloth.

5. Doll and Stuffed Toy Manufacturing (NAICS Code 3263)

This NAICS Code 3263 covers businesses specializing in handcrafting dolls and stuffed toys from cloth or other materials.

6. Independent Artists, Writers, and Performers (NAICS Code 711510)

NAICS Code 711510 is a broad category that encompasses various artistic endeavours, including handmade crafts. This code suits crafters who create and sell their creations as independent artists. This code may be a good fit if your craft business involves creating unique art pieces, jewelry, pottery, or other handmade items.

7. Sign Manufacturing (NAICS Code 711510)

While NAICS Code 339950 might not seem an obvious choice for handmade craft businesses, it can be relevant for those specializing in creating custom signage, such as hand-painted wooden or personalized banners. This code covers the manufacturing of signs and advertising displays, making it applicable to crafters who offer similar products.

8. Art Dealers (NAICS Code 453920)

If you primarily sell handmade crafts through galleries, art fairs, or other retail channels, NAICS Code 453920 may be the right fit. This code is for art dealers and galleries, which includes businesses that sell original artwork and crafts. If your business focuses on curating and selling handmade crafts, this code aligns with your activities.

9. Women’s Clothing Stores (NAICS Code 448120)

For handmade craft businesses specializing in clothing, particularly women’s clothing, NAICS Code 448120 is relevant. This code is used for retail stores primarily selling women’s clothing and accessories. If your handmade crafts include clothing items, such as dresses, scarves, or hand-knit sweaters, this code can help categorize your business accurately.

10. Other Direct Selling Establishments (NAICS Code 454390)

If your handmade craft business doesn’t neatly fit the categories mentioned, NAICS Code 454390 can serve as a catch-all classification. This code covers “other direct selling establishments,” making it suitable for businesses that sell handmade crafts directly to consumers through e-commerce platforms, craft fairs, or other means.

Let’s explore five essential NAICS codes for handmade craft businesses and discuss why they matter.

What are the 5 Essential NAICS Codes for Handmade Crafts Businesses?

  1. Retail Trade: This NAICS code applies to any business that sells goods directly to consumers. This includes online and brick-and-mortar stores, craft fairs, and pop-up shops.
  2. Wholesale Trade: Wholesale trade covers businesses that sell goods to other businesses for further processing or resale. This NAICS code applies to those who sell products to other businesses, such as wholesalers and distributors.
  3. Arts and Crafts Manufacturing: This NAICS code applies to any business manufacturing handmade craft items from raw materials or components bought, sold, or leased by the producer. Examples include jewellery making, pottery, basket weaving, and furniture making.
  4. Design Services: This NAICS code applies to businesses that provide design services, such as interior design or graphic design. This could include individuals who craft unique client items or offer custom designs for individual orders.
  5. Support Activities for Arts and Crafts: This NAICS code covers industries that provide support activities related to craft businesses, such as photography services, art galleries, and printing services.

What are the Benefits of Using NAICS Codes?

Businesses may more easily take advantage of any tax breaks or government incentives that may apply to their industry by using NAICS numbers to record their activities to the appropriate federal authorities. In addition, many businesses use these identifiers to research new suppliers, clients, and even rivals. Any company doing business with the federal government or subject to federal tax requirements must be familiar with and use NAICS numbers correctly. It also enables precise tracking of developments, which may help organizations learn from their successes and failures.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the NAICS code for handmade crafts?

The NAICS code for handmade crafts can vary depending on the nature of your business. However, several NAICS codes are commonly used by handmade craft businesses, including NAICS Code 711510 (Independent Artists, Writers, and Performers), NAICS Code 453920 (Art Dealers), and NAICS Code 454390 (Other Direct Selling Establishments).

What is the NAICS code for selling handmade crafts?

The NAICS code for handmade crafts depends on how you sell your products and the specific type of crafts you create. The most suitable NAICS code for selling handmade crafts may be NAICS Code 711510 (Independent Artists, Writers, and Performers) if you primarily create and sell your crafts as an independent artist.


It is critical for the precise categorization of your handmade craft company for tax purposes, as well as for doing market research and gaining access to the appropriate resources, that you choose the appropriate NAICS code. Although these five NAICS code are required for a variety of enterprises dealing in handcrafted crafts, it is imperative that you thoroughly assess the activities associated with your company and choose the code that most accurately depicts your principal lines of business. If you classify things correctly, it will be easier for your company to develop and connect with the proper people and possibilities.

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